Cancer New Moon July 2nd 2019

July 2nd: Cancer new moon solar eclipse. Eclipses are super charged new and full moons. This one in the sign of Cancer is a Solar Eclipse, where the moon will eclipse the sun for a short while. Eclipses are huge portals for change in our  life. Especially when it activates your chart, working with intent and ritual can be a very powerful way of aligning with your destiny. And calling in the support you need for walking that path.

In Cancer, with the North Node transiting through it, it is pointing to ways we need to nurture ourselves, our families and close ones, our projects, our passions, our identities, so that we can feel safe and secure in a future that holds promising results. All that is in the way of it, will be highlighted as the moon meets the sun. All the stuff from  the past that has gotten in the way, will be brought to our conscious awareness. So eclipse season can bring up intensity especially as this is the deeply feeling sign of Cancer.

The essence of Cancer is holding space for the young till it is ready to stand on its own feet. Lovingly holding a nurturing space for that which is not yet self-sufficient. That could be yourself, your loved ones, your community, your business, and all your projects. Its energy is like that of a Mother, holding a baby in the safety of the womb or her arms. Comfort and safety are super important for it. It is connected to the Moon and is a deeply feeling water sign.

The shadow of Cancer can be unhealthy attachment, unable to let go of that which is now ready to be on its own. Getting so caught up in the feelings and unable to come out of it. Unhealthy responsibility and not letting someone else take care of themselves when they are fully capable of it.

How to work with it?

  • Feel your feelings: Give yourself a safe space to have your deeply emotional  experience if it comes up.
  • Let go of unhealthy attachments: Opposite Saturn and the South Node, old ways of controlling, authority and our perception of inner power are dying. We are being called to be responsible for nurturing our own sense of inner power and feel the tremendous sense of security that comes from having utter faith in our own self, our own abilities and own sense of self-sufficiency.
  • Support yourself to nurture your own potential: Then support yourself to move towards a future that is aligned with your values, you view of safety and security. Ask yourself these questions:
  • What is needing immediate nurturing in my life?
  • What emotional needs do I have? How can I nurture them?
  • What is my idea of a safe and secure future?
  • Can I believe I can have it?
  • Do I take responsibility for nurturing my own potential?
  • Am I allowing my emotions to overcome me? How can I safely feel them?

Fiercely nurture this aspect within you and stay away from any kind of drama that threatens to pull you into it! Be fully committed to nurturing your own potential!

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