Take a radical step towards your spiritual purpose

On Aug 11th, 2 planets turn direction. Jupiter stations direct after being retrograde for 4 months, at 14 degrees 30 deg minutes Sagittarius and Uranus stations retrograde at 6 degrees 37 minutes Taurus.

A station point means that the planet is hanging out at that point for longer than usual, it is slowing down, in preparation for changing direction. These moments allow us to take note of what may have escaped our view before. It allows us to tap deep into the moment to see many viewpoints and possibilities that may have escaped our attention before.

Since both these planets are turning direction the same day, it’s a day to slow down and really pay attention to deep insights and messages coming from within and without. Anything is possible at this point.

Jupiter is all about the spiritual quest. In Sagittarius its asking us to go where we have not ventured before. In the natal chart it points to where our spiritual purpose lies.

Uranus is known as a change agent, shaking up our perspective, shattering outdated views so we can awaken to our greater self. What has come to your awareness now that changes your outlook of something in your life completely, that is waking you up? It can seem radically different from the status quo, helping you to see life from a very different perspective.

This time between Jupiter turning direct (9:37 AM EST) and Uranus turning retrograde (10:27PM EST) is an excellent day to take radical action towards your spiritual purpose.

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