Powerful energy this week

I’m amazed at how consistently the universe gives us opportunities to let go of the stuff holding us back, so that our true beautiful self can emerge

Apart from the 2 big transits this week (Jupiter and Uranus turning direction), and the moon doing its monthly tour of Capricorn to meet Saturn/Pluto/South Node, we have the Sun Venus conjunction that just happened a few hours ago, ahead of the Aquarius full moon tomorrow.

The Sun Venus conjunction is a very significant moment in Venus’s synodic cycle around the sun. It forms the midpoint of her 19 month cycle, midpoint of her underworld journey where she is so close to the sun that we cannot see her.

The significance of this day and period is that when with the sun, she is powerfully letting go of all that stands in her way of her shining at her brightest.

As she is in Leo, she is asking us to dive deeply inside to dig up all that we have stuffed away, all that we have hidden because we have not had enough courage to let our true authentic nature show.

  • Where are you not loving yourself enough to express yourself fully?
  • Do you have a fear of expressing your true opinion if it’s different from others?
  • Fear at being visible?
  • Fear of being different from others?
  • Guilt at being loud and bold and shining brighter than others?
  • Sadness because you feel when you express yourself no one listens, no one understands, or worse judges you?

This coming just a day before the Aquarius full moon in significant.

Aquarius is unique and different from the status quo. It has the ability to rise above and see the big picture very clearly. Its brilliance allows it to see possibilities that others cannot. If you have significant Aquarius in your natal chart, you know that area is where you can see a different perspective from others, a unique viewpoint that can be applied for the good of all. Something that many others stuck in their everyday routine cannot see, and could very well benefit from.

But it requires courage to be able to see things differently from others. We are so wired to fit in, that often Aquarians can be seen as rebels or just plain weird. This is where Leo comes in.

The full moon in Aquarius, with Sun in Leo tells us to love ourselves so fully, that we have the courage to shine our unique authentic self with ease and grace, even if it means standing alone.

But with Venus joining the sun today, this aloneness can feel really heavy. If you’ve been suppressing your true authentic self for a long time, then the next few days are helping you to dig that out and feel it all in a healthy way, so you can let it go.

To add more explosive intensity to the mix, this Sun/Venus combination is inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn. This can be felt as deep discomfort where nothing seems to fit, nothing feels comfortable and the day can feel very prickly due to all sorts of deep emotions rising to the surface. This might show up in your relationship dynamic as power struggles with others, where you feel less than or greater than the opposite person.

So normally the Aquarius full moon with its moving fire-air combination should be a buoyant energy. But with these other aspects adding their flavor, we are being asked to dive deep, let go of our fears and let grace during this intensely emotional time.

Search out all the places where you don’t express your true self, where you don’t say what you really want to. Allow yourself in a safe way, to feel all those emotions buried deep within. And then make a resolve, to stand by your own self going forward, so your true nature emerges and you are able to express your uniqueness with courage and joy.

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