Rare Mars Venus Conjunction — Is balance really possible or just a myth?

Are you stuck in a pattern of doing doing doing, without joy?

Do you work really hard but the work doesn’t energize you or nurture you; you just feel so tired at the end of the day, day after day?

Do feel dry and drained, like the juice has gone out of life?

Are you feeling burned out and craving balance and harmony in your life?

Is balance even possible or is it just some unattainable goal?

Do you have tons of ideas but have trouble deciding on which one to choose, and not able to get them to reality?  

Do you start creative projects but never complete them?

If so then read on…

What do Mars and Venus have to do with balance? Mars and Venus are a very important part of our natal chart and define who we are to a large extent. They can give you clues to how you can bring more harmony into your life. 
Irrespective of our gender, we all carry masculine and feminine qualities within us. Venus represents the feminine, our deepest values and sense of self-worth.Mars represents the masculine, our drive and how we take action towards our values and desires. Together, they determine the success and joy we have in life. And how much peace we allow in our life. If they are not in balance, then we can burn ourselves out with too much action that does not fill us with joy. Or too little or unaligned action that takes us nowhere near our desired goals. It leaves us feeling dry, unenthusiastic to face life.

Where are they in the Sky right now? Why is that significant? Mars and Venus are both currently in the underworld. That means they are very close to the sun, releasing all the unhealthy ways in which the masculine and the feminine qualities show up within all of us. This energy is really helping us to see where we are not in balance, where we are not able to achieve our goals, where we are just stuck in an endless loop of doing without pleasure or joy or not taking aligned action towards are deepest values.

On 24th Aug they will meet at 4 degrees of Virgo. Their meeting in the sky is a very rare alignment and a huge power portal for making a deep shift in our life. This conjunction (meeting of 2 planets) is a huge initiation point to shed all our old tendencies and start anew with balance as our goal; getting in touch with our desires and taking aligned action. Really looking at where either the masculine or the feminine are not showing up in their full essence. Where one or the other is tilting the scales to one side and causing us to feel off kilter. They will be joined by the Sun, Mercury and Moon in the weeks ahead, greatly amplifying the energy portal opened up by their conjunction. This is not a time for outward growth but a great time to go within and see the truth of where and how we are not aligned within, so we can shift that and bring more harmony into our life.

A personal Story: There have been many times in my corporate job that I suffered from burn out. Just tired of doing and doing day after day, without replenishing myself. I felt dry and drained. When I got to know about how my Mars and Venus work, it was so easy to see how I was allowing myself to slip into an unproductive pattern of just working without replenishing. My Mars in Capricorn LOVED being productive! And so I was. But at the cost of my Venus in Pisces, which just wanted to go with the flow sometimes, painting and being in nature for long hours. My Mars valued being useful at all times, and saw my own worth and others’ through the filter of ‘is this useful and productive’. My Venus in Pisces thrives on kindness and compassion, but was relegated to the background because creativity was seen as frivolous. No wonder I ended up feeling drained and dry.

Once I started to work on bringing harmony between my Mars and Venus, things started to shift. I released a whole lot of emotional baggage, reclaimed my creativity, and unlocked energy within me that allowed me to do so many things that I had been avoiding! Most importantly, it started to bring back peace and calm and a strong sense of boundaries, so that if the balance did start to shift again, I knew exactly what to do, to prevent things from escalating to burnout.

In the end, honoring my own Venus and Mars, allowed me to find my own unique sense of balance in life. Aligned action on desirable goals with joy and peace in my heart!

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