What’s in store for us this week?

Aquarius energy continues to increase, with Mars entering Aquarius tomorrow and meeting Saturn on the 31st of March; right on the heels of Saturn having entered Aquarius last week.

Aquarius is a major player in this new decade. If you have one or more planets/angles in Aquarius in your chart, pay attention as you will be on the forefront of creating  the new vision of the direction humanity takes after this transformational year is over.

This week is another powerhouse, as Mars with Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus is breaking all our perceptions of what life should look like and giving us visions of what we want to create.

Jupiter then meets Pluto on April 4th (but we are feeling the energy build up through the week), allowing us to majorly expand our personal power. Watch out for this energy, as it could also majorly expand our fears as deep seated stuff  that is not yet cleared is brought to the surface.

The way to work with it is to be mindful and aware; to keep clearing what is coming to the surface and then start to take action (Mars) on the new vision (Saturn in Aquarius).

Remember, we are in the deconstruction phase (breakdown before the breakthrough). Its most important now, especially during the chaotic times, that we keep our focus on the vision of the life that we really want deep inside.

Power of Balance:
A heads up, that this week, along with the usual information on Astrological transits, I will also be sharing with you details about my program called Power of Balance, which is designed to help you experience balance and calm during times of transition and change; using your personal Astrological charts and a groundbreaking way of looking at balance. This program is ideal and essential for those who are coaches, leaders, teachers and healers or are holding deep transformational space for others.
This programs emerges from my experience of the past 5 years of studying and embodying my own chart to find balance in some of the most transformational years of life.
I’m so looking forward to sharing this with you!

You can find more information here.

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