How well do you know yourself, asks the Libra Full moon

Today the Super Moon is full in Libra opposite the Aries Sun at 18 degrees,
The Aries-Libra axis relates to balance, relationships, yourself and others.
Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, teaches us how to form our relationship to the self.
How is your relationship with yourself? How well do you know yourself?
Relationships are mirrors. In the Libra full moon window you might see projections or reflections of what you do not fully own, in others. Pay attention to the relationship dynamics coming up for you this week.
Aries teaches us the importance of owning our own power.
And Libra teaches us the importance of collaboration, working with others in harmony.
From a place of authentic personal power, it’s easier to relate to others, be in a balanced relationship with others.
Otherwise the imbalance of personal power can show up as feeling inferior or superior to others.

Power of Balance = Balance of Power
Our relationship to power starts with the self, our own self. The Ancient Greek aphorism “Know Thyself” has a wealth of truth and wisdom to it.
We cannot relate to others in a healthy way if we don’t know ourselves, if we don’t know or appreciate how unique we each are, and how that is part of a greater whole.
One of the key transits today apart from the full moon, is Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus.
Balanced relationships come from fully owning your own power.
Owning your power comes from fully owning your uniqueness (Mars in Aquarius) and owning your self-worth (Uranus in Taurus), which then starts to translate to how you show up in your relationships.

In my program, Power of balance, we work on how to start to fully own your uniqueness and come to a place of balance. What balance means to you is unique to you. When you own your uniqueness, value it, embody it, you find it easier to be in equal balanced relationship to others. You find it easier to be you, to be free to be authentically you! And this takes your interactions with others to a whole new level!
Owning your own power is not about control or power over others, but more of taking responsibility for yourself and knowing you always have choice in the way you show up.
There are 5 steps we go through:

  • Relationship with your Sun (your fuel, your source of energy)
  • Relationship with your Moon (your source of nurturing; we go way deeper than the usual self-care practices and look at deep soul nurturing)
  • Relationship with your Mercury (how you think, perceive, communicate) and using this tool as an anchor point
  • Relationship with your Venus (The feminine within you, your true source of self-worth)
  • Relationship with your Mars (The masculine within you, your source of motivation and action).

If any of these are not aligned to your chart & your personal astrology & the transits that you are going through, then you will start to feel out of sync, sometimes in a big way. This relationship to yourself is key to be in equal balanced relationships with others.
Today I’m taking a stand for knowing yourself thoroughly. Of truly seeing the beauty of your unique self, and seeing how this unique piece of puzzle that you are fits into the greater whole that makes up humanity.

To know more about yourself, I invite you to work with me in 1 of 2 ways:
Astrology Chart readings: Natal and Solar return readings help you connect very deeply to your true soul self.
Power of Balance program: Helps you to start to own your uniqueness in a very grounded way.

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