Going through unpredictable change?

Needless to say, this year has been a whirlwind of change and has totally shifted our realities upside down.

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s been emotionally intense for me, although there have been immense immense blessings in this year, and I am super grateful for all the good in my world.

My entire chart is lit up at the moment. This means that almost every planet in the sky is activating a planet in my chart. When this happens, this generally means that these tough planetary transits are orchestrating big change within and outside of ourselves. 

Every single person that comes to me for a natal chart reading or my Power of Balance program, is also going through intense change due to tough planetary transits. Whether it is:

  • Their entire identity changing due to their Ascendant being activated by the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, or 
  • Deep despondence & grief due to Neptune going over their Ascendant
  • Major emotions coming up due to the Scorpio part of their chart being activated big time by Mercury RX
  • Relationships changing due to Pluto squaring the relationships part of their chart
  • Career changes due to Uranus shaking up their career part of chart
  • Having to let go of jobs/relationships that had given them security
  • A deep longing for more meaning and purpose in their life

Every single person I have had the honor and pleasure to interact with, is going through a shakeup in their life, either internally or externally.

And the big picture behind the obvious change is that their soul is waking them up. 

See, the natal chart encapsulates your soul’s intention for this life.

And the transits are wake-up calls from your soul.

And if you are going through change, I want to acknowledge and honor that it’s not easy and requires courage to get through.
But YOUR CHOICES make all the difference here!

And YOUR CHOICES from moment to moment determine the direction your life will take once you come out of this transit.

So, Be Aware of what you are going through (a natal chart reading with me can clarify this)  and Choose WHO you want to be during and after this time (my Power of Balance program is EXCELLENT for this!). 

Powerful way to navigate times of transition:

If you are going through big change in your life, I invite you to reach out to me to see if my Power of Balance program can support you on your journey at this time. It’s a groundbreaking way of working with your personal astrology.

– It helps you navigate tough transits in your life with grace.

– It accelerates your personal growth in a loving, compassionate, fun way.

– It helps you find meaning and purpose in your life.

– It helps you stand strong in your relationships and career.

– It sets you up for success for the rest of your life.

– It helps you get back into the driver’s seat of your life! 

Here is what Phoebe from USA said after working with me:”Working with Swati has been hugely beneficial to my personal growth and happiness. Through her sessions I became more aware of my mental state and began to channel positive energy towards my intentions. As a result of working with her I have lost 30 lbs, met my boyfriend and reached my career goals. I would highly recommend working with Swati. She has such a positive presence and helped me be more in tune with myself and create the life I want. Through my sessions with her, I have learned skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life!”

Are you looking for support at this time in your life? Simply reply to this email to set up a time to speak with me or connect with me HERE.

Warm Regards,
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