Happy Diwali and Scorpio New Moon!

Wishing all a very Happy Diwali and Scorpio New Moon!

Today is Diwali, the very popular festival celebrated in India. Diwali always falls on the Scorpio new moon.
As a child, Diwali used to be my very favorite festival. My childhood home had lots of windows and it was my task to light the diyas (lamps) and line the windows with them. I approached that task with the utmost sacredness, and it used to bring me so much joy to see the house lit up with diyas! And see the colorful lanterns that lit up that very dark night!
When I started to get into Astrology, it made so much sense that Diwali is synonymous with the Scorpio new moon.

Scorpio is the sign of 

  • our eternal life force
  • the radiant light within.
  • the diving into the deep dark depths and accessing our light

Based on the incredible epic that is the Ramayana, Diwali signifies the prevalence of good over evil, the illumination of goodness by the light in the darkness.
This Diwali falls in a very powerful window of change, with the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction & Venus at Solar Plexus gate on the 12th and Mars turning direct yesterday on the 13th.

Due to this and the fact that Scorpio & Pluto transits can bring up much hidden intensity of emotions, pay attention to what is coming up for you this weekend.

Be conscious during this window and energize that which you wish to expand, as it’s a window of potent & powerful new beginnings.

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