Prepare for Solstice + The Great Conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn

We have reached the final great transit of 2020!
Jupiter and Saturn meet tomorrow at 0 Aquarius on the same day that the Sun enters 0 Capricorn (Solstice point).

Here I want to share some easy ways to imbibe this energy which will be carrying us into 2021.

  • Spend time in the Sunlight. Watch the sunrise if you can and the sunset to bring it full circle.
  • Watch Jupiter and Saturn so easily visible in the evening sky after sunset, in the South western part of the sky. Depending on where you are, you may not be able to see them at the exact moment of conjunction but they are so close that today or tomorrow evening is good enough.
  • Spend some time on a personal ceremony or ritual. This is a rare transit. Mercury is also with the Sun at this time implying that we can receive insights if we tune in. Solstice is major checkpoint in the year implies a new beginning and the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction initiates a new energy of freedom, spaciousness, innovation, sovereignty and honoring our unique gifts.
  • Reduce distractions so you can receive this energy. Be offline and spend time in nature if you can.
  • Hold the highest vision possible for your life, your loved ones, your community and humanity! This is a potent period and your intention matters!

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