Powerful start to 2021

Happy New Year!

The 1st full week of Jan starts off on a powerful note with Mercury conjunct Pluto at 24 deg Capricorn at 8pm EST today. 

Mercury the planet that represents the mental realm, and how we perceive and express, meets with Pluto the planet that represents transformation and death and rebirth. This translates to words that be very powerful and influential, and you can get across your point in a way that can transform the other person

You could also see the shadow of this show up, where deep uncomfortable stuff is unearthed and can bring up strong emotions. Pluto in shadow can also represent control and manipulation.  Watch out for how you are communicating and also what you are receiving through others.  Are there legitimate truths coming to the surface or is there something twisted in the mix? 

The intent behind this transit is to empower through bringing hidden patterns to the surface. 

Once its in front of you, you can do something about it. As long as its hidden, it can control you in ways you don’t understand. Which of these is showing up for you? 

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