The Plot Thickens

Venus joined the Sun/Saturn/Jupiter/Mercury in Aquarius yesterday, intensifying the energy in this sign that above all desires spaciousness and freedom to be.How are you handling this Aquarius intensity?

You are likely feeling it if you have planets in Aquarius, Leo, Taurus or Scorpio.

All this energy is building up towards the 1st of 3 Saturn Uranus squares coming up in 2 weeks’ time. It is making us aware of where we feel restrictions in our life.

  • What rules are holding you back?
  • What rules do you want to break?
  • And finally, where do you need to be open to a burst of inspiration so you can break free from outdated modes of being and fully step into YOUR authenticity.

Saturn is holding us accountable, making life difficult in the places we are still lying to ourselves.

And Uranus says, it’s time to break that pattern and awaken your inner genius.

Jupiter near Saturn, is amplifying all of this!Mercury retrograde happens just in time, to help us review our past and open to new beliefs and ideas for our future.

All this pressure we are feeling, is not comfortable but this energy sets the stage for 2021, as there are 3 such squares in sight. Eek!!

I have Sun and Rising in Aquarius and I have a natural Saturn Uranus square in my natal chart which is getting opposed by the one in the sky, so I am for sure feeling all of this!

So, how do we handle this energy?

  • We start by honestly looking at what is no longer true to us and for us;
  • and courageously start to let that go.

So that the true you gets a chance to surface.

Not an easy task, but so worth it.

If you need help here, my 3-month program, Power of Balance is ideal for helping you step into your authentic you. It helps you figure out who you are meant to be and gives you simple practical steps to embody that and bring it from an idea in your mind or knowing in your heart to fully feel it in your body and live it.

These are tools for life that I have used myself to know with unshakeable confidence that astrology is part of my soul’s purpose. And I still use these tools every single day.

Connect with me here if you are interested.


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