Imagining your new reality

We are in the window of the Pisces new moon which is exact at 5.21am EST on Mar 13th.
We’ve had many transits in Pisces this week that are building up to the new moon tomorrow.
Venus is conjunct Neptune and very close to this new moon in Pisces.
So, there is a heavy emphasis on the divine feminine in this new moon.

Pisces is a sign that is connected to the divine through the creative muse. With a deeply kind heart, it feels the grief of others and is able to respond with compassion.
The shadow can show up in way where we feel too much and then try to numb our feelings through addictions.
Or give in too much to others at the expense of our own self.
This Pisces new moon with connection to Venus and Neptune are guiding us to tune into our hearts and get in touch with a deeper essence wanting to shine though.

So, as we sit in this powerful new moon, let’s see what the planets are saying:

Venus: represents our hearts desires. Our innate sense of self-worth and do we believe we deserve to have what we want?

Neptune: is our connection to divine source energy and is a higher octave of Venus. So both conjunct together are helping us to get very clear on our innate divinity. And the true essence that wants to express though us. So, we are getting access to a picture that is larger than what we can see in our day-to-day reality. How strong is our faith in the divine and our innate essence? And can we embody that faith fully and long enough to really feel our hearts desires coming true, without allowing feelings of doubt, fear, anxiety etc coming in the way?

Sun + Moon: Focus on our heart, clear emotions and feel our desired reality through the power of our feelings and imagination. So, spend this weekend allowing yourself to dream, be in solitude to hear your inner wisdom and allow the right brain to lead the way with activities like journaling, painting, being in nature, music, dance etc. Spend some time in the sunlight during the day (in a safe way) to physically connect with all these energies.

Thank You for the response to the Poll sent out a few days ago!
Here is the top topic selected:
Entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, yoga teachers, artists, writers with radically innovative ideas, looking to make a massive impact on humanity in 2021 and beyond!

I will be posting a video in the Facebook group this weekend on the above topic and why its an important time for those who consider themselves to be change-agents. You can request to join HERE if you are not yet a member.

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