Entering a Tunnel of Transformation

May starts off with a bang, bringing to us energies from transits that are to speed up the transformation we see in our lives internally and externally. We are about to enter a tunnel of transformation this summer.

Retrograde season & focus on Gemini:
Retrograde season has already started with Pluto Rx last week.
May will see Saturn and Mercury also slowing down to go retrograde.
Mercury enters Gemini this week, and Venus later this week.
Both are to meet with the North Node in Gemini in coming weeks.

Venus comes out of the underworld today and will travel through the next few months, embodying the essence of Gemini more and more.
Mercury will also go Rx in Gemini and then turn direct in the same sign.
So, this puts Gemini in the spotlight even more than it has been before, and we want to be aware of the shadows of Gemini that can distract us from moving towards our desired destiny.

Eclipses, solstice gateways:
End of May/June brings us the eclipses (Lunar eclipse on May 26th and Solar eclipse on June 10th) on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis followed by the 2nd Uranus Saturn square on Jun 14th and then Solstice June 21st.
Eclipses are portals to new ways of being.
They have the capacity to shift our reality very quickly.The more resistance we have to change, the harder these transits feel.
If you have planets in Gemini/Sagittarius, those signs are the most affected.
Take advantage of this energy by being prepared emotionally and mentally for change, so you can be in a position to respond rather than react.

Uranus Saturn square:
This is the 2nd square between these 2 planets in fixed signs that are ensuring that we awaken to our true personal authority. We had the 1st square on Feb 17th. Think back to what happened then. That theme could repeat.
We will have a 3rd and final square in Dec, so this is really important to pay attention to.

With retrogrades and the eclipses, there is no easy fix, as there is a revisiting of past lessons:

  • Really making sure that old patterns are brought to rest and coming to a place of neutrality
  • Letting go of fear, control, obsessions, repetitive patterns that don’t serve us
  • Taking responsibility for what we are not wanting to deal with

Focus on the new:

Mercury will go direct in Gemini, so the theme of Gemini and vibration is key.
What are you creating moment by moment with the help of your thoughts, feelings, words, actions, your vibration? How can you keep your vibration clear so you are creating from a clean, clear slate rather than bringing in old outdated energies?
Focusing on the future, what you are creating, and what you want to create rather than obsessing about the past or blaming the external world–this is what we are being invited to do.
And remember, when you walk into this tunnel with conscious intention and awareness, you see the light at the end of it!

I cover this in detail in Star Signs with Swati; subscribe HERE to get regular updates on the astrological energies as well as practical strategies to stay sane & thrive during these transformational times!

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