Venus Rises!

The energy in Gemini amps up today.
Last week, Venus came out of the glare of the sun (underworld) and is now ascending up the gates (of Innana’s story).
Today she meets with the moon at 4 deg Gemini, signifying the Root Chakra Gate.
Her ascent up the gates is all about strengthening the qualities of each chakra.
So, the next month, focus on activities that help to strength the Base Chakra.

Some questions to journal on in this coming month:

  • What does stability mean for you?
  • What gives you security?
  • Do you have a feeling of belonging?
  • What current habits are not serving you?
  • What new habits would form a stronger foundation for your life?

Don’t forget to see Venus in the evening sky after Sunset, with the crescent moon!
This can be a spectacular sight, either today (5/12) or tomorrow evening (5/13) if you have clear skies, even though it may be lower on the horizon.

I cover all this and more in Star Signs with Swati.
Subscribe HERE to get access to this video and a free 7-day trial.

And if you’d like to work consciously with this Venus cycle, check out Expanding Magic, where we will embody the essence of Gemini!

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