Do you crave for harmony in your relationships?

One of the more profound realizations I’ve had on my journey, is how my world is a reflection of who I am inside.
During tough planetary transits, we go through change because we are changing deeply inside.
Who we are, changes at a deep cellular level.
So, that is automatically reflected in our external world, particularly, our relationships.

How do we stay calm and centered during this time, going through the transition with grace but also respecting who we are becoming?
Not burning bridges, but approaching every relationship as an opportunity to learn more about ourselves?

Earlier today, July 13th, Venus and Mars met in the sky in the sign of Leo, at 19 degrees.
Venus represents the feminine quality within each of us; Mars, the masculine qualities.
When these energies are balanced within, our relationships show up in a harmonious way.
Oftentimes though, most of us have to do some inner work to bring them to a place of balance.
Their meeting in the sky, initiates a new way of looking at relationships – we all deserve to be in loving, harmonious, strong relationships.

Want to know more about how to find this balance in your own life?
I designed Power of Balance, when going through some of the toughest planetary transits of my life thus far.
This unique program focuses on helping you to embody your highest essence, at a time when you are going through deep transformation and change.
And when you do that, the external world reflects back to you the incredible human that you are!

What does this look like?

  • You feel comfortable in your own skin, no feeling like a fraud or fake, no matter if it’s your personal life or your career
  • You are able to hold your own in any situation, without feeling the need to be aggressive or defensive
  • You naturally start to attract more supportive, loving, harmonious relationships
  • You feel at peace, knowing you can handle any relationship that comes your way, because you are coming from a space of deep authenticity and peace and joy
  • No more of having ‘to prove yourself’ to anyone!

Want to learn more?
Click here to book a free clarity call to find out if Power of Balance is right for you at this time in your journey.

PS: And don’t forget to go out into the evening sky, after sunset, and spot Venus & Mars, close to the moon tonight! It’s a spectacular sight!

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