When your Old Self doesn’t fit anymore

I’ll be honest..

Its been quite the few weeks.

I’ve been feeling off, out of sorts, like something doesn’t fit anymore.

Its a mix of:

-physical aches and pains

-not feeling comfortable with my environment

-need way more sleep than my mind thinks is reasonable

-feeling the need to change my diet

-roller coaster of emotions, feeling deep peace most of the times, with periods of intense sadness for no specific reason

Even though my mind knows what’s going on with the energies & transits & magnetics of the earth shifting, the body feels it all.

And in my experience when this happens for me, its a sign of the old self fading away.

And I need to guide my body through this change.

So I amped up my self care this week.

And made it a daily habit to do what I love to do best when I feel antsy.


This Neptune/Jupiter transit and the Pluto squaring Sun on my Chiron/Nodes in my chart, are bringing up layers of old stuff to be released.

And to me nothing beats the power of paint to transform deep emotions.

So I played with color.

Everyday, I added on a new layer of paint..and let myself feel it all.

And lo & behold the last time I worked on this piece, a scorpion emerged (Can you spot the Scorpion within?)

I do this intuitively, no plan or agenda, simply dipping brush in paint and applying it on paper.

Letting my hand move as the body is guided.

So when I recognized the shape, I broke down; as I understood the message of the painting.

And let it all out while painted.

And then another one emerged and a 3rd one.

Finally after that, I felt the waves of emotion subside within.

Returning to deep peace.

This is the power of the intuitive painting process.

Every time I engage with it, I come out with more peace and access to stillness than before.

Transformation with paint and color.

Take some extra time this week to shower yourself with self-care and self-love.

Its been an intense month of planetary energies, along with Sun square Pluto and Mercury conjunct Uranus today, implying breaking away from old patterns forever.

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