5-step prep for a powerful Equinox

Cosmic energy has been building towards this Equinox on Sep 22nd, at least since mid-August.

This sets off a very tangible new beginning that continues to gain momentum over the next coming months.

Consciously participating in co-creating your reality is key; rather than passively waiting for things to change externally.

Here are 5 steps to invoke the potential of this time in a powerful way:

Go for the gold: Connect to the golden light within the center of Gaia and center of the Sun to activate the golden light within the heart. Lots of energetic vibration and support emanating from these 2 beautiful beings. Spending time in meditation with them, or being out in nature can support us in a strong way.

Amplify stillness: Prioritize activities that amplify stillness. With Mercury Rx and Mars in Gemini, there is no shortage of external diversions and distractions. Make it a priority to find pockets of time during the day to drop into your heart, be still and listen to what your soul is guiding you  towards. Regular practices to neutralise the noise can help bypass the business of the external.

Be different: Try out different things this week. Deliberately change habits to experience something new. Commit to expanding what is true for you in this NOW, no matter how much its veering away from who you have been. The energy really is helping us to move into our highest expression, but it takes courage to evaluate honestly what is not aligned anymore and move into a higher octave. Consciously trying out things outside of your personal norm can help come out of your comfort zone and bring awareness to fabulous new paths opening up.

Power of practice: If you’ve been feeling scattered lately, pick 1-2 practices that you commit to doing everyday for at least a week. This time put into this practice helps act like an anchor, stay grounded and refocus your intention for the day/life. It helps to surf waves of intensity coming in more frequently these days. Just 1-2 simple things, that will allow you to refocus on your inner world, rather than get pulled by the external.

Take action: Put energy this week towards activities that light up your heart. Avoid waiting for external change to happen or the perfect moment to take action. The moment is NOW to move towards your heart’s path.

Mars in Gemini – new video:
The transit of Mars through Gemini has an impact for the next 2.5 years. Check out this new video I created to help you understand what to watch out for and how to utilize this key action-oriented energy.

Wishing you an uplifting week and Equinox. May you align with your most joyful path!

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