Live from your Heart

We are a month away from Eclipse season and a lot happens transit-wise between now and then.

Oct 2: Mercury Direct

Oct 4: Saturn Uranus square almost

Oct 8: Pluto direct

Oct 9: Aries Full Moon conjunct Chiron

Oct 22: Venus conjunct Sun (exact Underworld)

Oct 23: Saturn direct

Oct 25: New Moon Solar Eclipse 2 deg Scorpio

Oct 30: Mars Rx

Nov 8: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 16 Taurus

The energy is intensified and amplifies our choices.

This means making conscious intentional choices that are wise and aligned with freedom, is key.

Evaluate everything in your life and make the changes needed, to allow for more freedom.

  • Physical choices, home, body, possessions: What needs to stay, what needs to go?
  • Mental choices: What are you reading, watching, thinking, saying?
  • Emotional choices: What’s your default emotional state? Do you feel peace, do you allow emotions to flow?
  • Spiritual choices: What practices help you stay connected to the infinite creator within and are you doing them?

There is much surrender involved to the intensity…trying to control and hold on to things may not be the best strategy.

Make a commitment to living with as much peace and freedom and honoring your own energy.

Back it up with decisions and choices that amplify that intention.

Stay on point with the intention you have for your life.

The more you love from your heart, the better equipped you are to navigate these energies with ease.

Revisit these videos for more guidance on navigating this time:

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