Balance between Stillness + Movement

The new light emanating from Gaia and the sun is very strong right now.

It’s easier to notice, feel & integrate this when in nature and in stillness.

Allow yourself to experience it by slowing down and being still often

In my experience, the need for rest is magnified during eclipses as our body needs space & time to integrate the large intensity of energy.

However, emotions may be getting churned up as well

It’s important to let the emotions flow and not stagnate.

Surfing the intensity of the range of emotions is a superpower of the Scorpio archetype.

The more we allow ourselves to release the heavy emotions, the greater our capacity to feel the lighter emotions like peace, freedom, love, joy and hold them for longer periods of time.

A balance between stillness and movement…

The latest Sacred Timings with Swati has more guidance on the eclipse tunnel.

– October Transits: Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse, Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Venus in Underworld, Mars Rx

– Resolving Karma

– Creativity to resolve past and create the future

– Ways to work with the transit consciously

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