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January-March 2023

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December 2022

Coming Home into Your Heart

Astrology + Intentional Creativity® Workshop

Have you felt the following recently?

Disillusioned, disappointed, confused?

Transformed but not sure WHO you are anymore

Frustrated because the path ahead is unclear & foggy

Then this workshop is for YOU. We will:

  • Work with Neptune/Jupiter in watery Pisces to dissolve the energy of the OLD self
  • Connect to your Highest Expression in your sacred work
  • Anchor a strong connection to the wisdom of your Heart
  • Welcome 2023 with equanimity, ready to step onto your Highest Path

Why is this so key at this point in time?

The dominant astrological energy of 2022 has been the meeting of Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces.This energy dissolves the old structures in our life and sacred work, and even the Self, in order to create the New that is aligned with the new realms of Gaia.

This can create disillusionment, confusion and even grief, as old ways of being fall away.

In this workshop we will connect with the highest essence of Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces, and facilitate the dissolving of the old with gratitude and love. Using an Intentional Creativity process, we will connect to the wisdom of our heart and highest self, to take with us into 2023.

This workshop beautifully combines the awareness of the astrological energy playing out in our life and an Intentional Creativity process to tap into the gift of the transit of Neptune/Jupiter through Pisces.

When: Friday Dec 16th 2022

Where: Virtually through Skype. Skype link and materials needed for workshop will be emailed on registration & payment.

Investment: 44 USD

This workshop has ended

Client Love:

  • Gosh, this process just blew open all my self doubt. I had so many blocks, you just released a huge block. This helped me to dissolve the past pains & opened my heart to what is really there to be amplified & created for the future. Every time I talk with you, it’s beautiful & fun & playful! I’m opening my heart back to that place of playfulness & innocence. Wende, USA
  • So glad I came to this, it was super insightful and fun. This was such a good experience, I’ve never done anything like this. I’m really shocked how many realizations I got out of this!
  • I’m feeling all sorts of stories coming up for me that want to be released. What came up for me was to allow my heart to guide me. I’ve had a distrust for my heart before.
  • I loved being a part of this workshop. This entire year I’ve been battling my heart because my mind wants to take over. This process helps me realize that my heart is my anchor. Trust it.
  • Thank you Swati for a beautiful and insightful workshop today! I have my artwork hung on the wall beside my desk as a reminder of my affirmation and the insights gained through this experience.

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Meet your guide

I AM Swati Kameswar, a Transformational Coach helping women and men going through mid-life awakening to embody their highest expression so they can live with authenticity and joy.

Creativity has been a pathway to joy for me personally and I love working with creative processes to cause positive change and transformation.

Making art intentionally during big planetary transits to release the shadow and embody the highest essence is a potent way of moving into the future with conscious intention.

Honoring our sacred expression leads to a life filled with joy, aliveness, purpose & presence. I look forward to going on this journey with you!