What is it like to get an astrology natal chart reading from me?

First I want to share with you my philosophy:
The natal chart is a representation of the position of the planets in the sky when you were born.
I believe that the soul chooses when to be born and  that this moment encapsulated in the chart can give us information about the soul’s intent for this life. Intent like what it came here to do, be and heal.
So the chart can gives us many clues to what our strengths are, where we need to grow, what tools are at our disposal, what are our sensitive spots, how to navigate through them, the karmic lessons we are to learn, where our greatest fears lie and how to overcome them.
Now as we go through life, planetary transits activate the chart. That means the position of the planet in the sky, coincides with a position of planet in your chart. While the planetary transit will affect everyone in some way, if its touching a planet in your chart, it makes it very personal for you. These transits act as turning points in your life. How you consciously or unconsciously navigate through these transition points determine which direction you are likely to go towards.
This is the reason why understanding what transits are activating your chart can really help during times of change and transition and help you get in touch with your soul’s intent.
I also firmly believe that nothing is set in stone. That the chart will tell you about the potential for your life. And your free will and intent plays a HUGE role in how you take that information and actualize the potential.
This is the reason why my readings will always focus on empowering you with the information and the possibilities, rather than predicting a certain outcome.

What is a chart reading like–Natal planets and aspects?

When we go through your chart, I walk through every planet, explaining the essence of the sign it is in as well as its shadow side.

The first thing we look at in the chart, is where you’ve come from, the moon. The past, the gifts you have picked up over lifetimes.
Then we talk about the sun. What does your sun mean for you? Contrary to what a lot of folks think, the sun is just a teeny tiny part of your chart and makeup!
Next we look at each of the personal planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars.
All these represent the tools that your soul provides you. Use them well, and you can certainly move towards your purpose with much greater ease. If these are not expressing in the highest way,  then our job becomes much harder.
In fact, this is what we focus on most in my latest offering called Balance, which seeks to bring balance in your life by mastering the expression of these 5 celestial bodies.

After the personal planets, we start to go through the karmic heavy hitters, like Saturn, Chiron and Pluto. These are super important because these will show you the lessons the soul came here to learn. I spend a fair bit of time coaching around how you can work best with these.
Then we go through how your gifts can emerge, through Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Ascendant and the nodes.

Through the reading, I also go through the different aspects (how one planet connects to another–whether though a conjunction, square, opposition etc). These aspects inform us as to how the expression of one planet may be affected by another.