I have known Swati for many years now, but it was a great experience to work with her as she was my coach for the last couple of years. I have been through both the courses that she offered – Activate Your Power(AYP) and Moon Power (MP). They have been a great help. Her knowledge about astrology has given me a good insight into reasoning the things happening around me. Having an explanation of those transitions helps a lot in finding a stress free solution. I was looking for more clarity to find what my plans for the next few years are. Am I on the right track? Am I the best Mom I want to be, the best engineer I want to be, the best wife/daughter/daughter-in-law/sister I want to be? So many questions were going through my mind and that’s when I started Activate Your Power with Swati. Swati’s sessions introduced me to several different techniques to really clarify the path I want to be on. It helped me understand what my power is and how it can help me to sail through the questions to find the right answers to all my questions. It taught me about creating positive energy, releasing the negative energy, guiding your mind towards clarity. She was really thorough at explaining my chart and I was so impressed with how things lined up with my personality. At that same time she offered the Moon Power course which helped even further to understand the transitions. Being an Engineer, I have always been curious about “Why and How” questions. Knowing the answers to these questions, helped me logically link myself to the world around me and Swati did that job really well. Today I feel that I am happier, more clear about what I want to do and ready to forgive the situation as I try to understand the reasoning behind it and I want to thank Swati for that. Thank you Swati for your guidance. It has helped me so far and I am pretty sure it will in the future as well whenever I face challenges. I hope that more like me can take advantage of your guidance.