Astrology + Creativity Workshop – Coming Home into the Heart

So glad I came to this, it was super insightful and fun. This was such a good experience, I’ve never done anything like this.

I’m really shocked how many realizations I got out of this! I’m feeling all sorts of stories coming up for me that want to be released.

What came up for me was to allow my heart to guide me. I’ve had a distrust for my heart before. I loved being a part of this workshop.

This entire year I’ve been battling my heart because my mind wants to take over. This process helps me realize that my heart is my anchor. Trust it.

Thank you Swati for a beautiful and insightful workshop today! I have my artwork hung on the wall beside my desk as a reminder of my affirmation and the insights gained through this experience.

― Atmaitri Gather & Grow Circle Participants