Astrology Natal Chart Reading

I got my first astrological reading by Swati last week. The best 90 minutes spent! Her reading was very thorough. She took the time to check in with me on how the experiences of the planetary influences played out in my life. She was also good at pointing the light and shadow side of each influence, and gave me pointers on what to do when I fell into the shadow side’s spell. She made the full 1.5 hours packed with information, including answering my long list of questions. After the session, she sent me a recording of the session, my charts, a summary of important dates to watch out, and a reading from the oracle cards that she pulled at the end of the session. I’m still digesting all the information a week later and planning to re-listen to the audio because there was just lots of good information in it. Thank you so much Swati!

― Karen, CA, USA