Over the years, I have studied astrology from different angles, although mostly from that of trying to understand my sun sign. As I have delved deeper into my birth chart, I found that there are so many layers of relationships between the planets and how these relationships can help us to find clarity around our personal life path and specific motivational drivers. What brought me to Swati was wanting to understand my North/South node relationship further, but what I got was so much more. Her knowledge of navigating a natal chart and how to combine learned information with intuitive guidance to help you find deeper meaning in your chart is invaluable. While some of what we discussed was in relation to how the planets aligned with my chart at that current moment in time, she also explained things that occurred years ago and things that I’m only starting to see glimpses off which will unfold over the next few years. I have now watched our session 3 times and learn something new each time. Having the recording to refer back to is an amazing gift all on its own. Whether you are just beginning to understand astrology or have a deeper relationship with it, I highly recommend working with Swati. Her presence is kind, patient, and extremely wise. 

― Regyna, USA