Working with Swati was a great experience. I found out about her interest on astrology and reading charts, so I got very interested to know about my chart, as I had no idea about astrology and wanted to learn about it. I did not have much expectation when I started my sessions with her. But, as she started talking about different nodes, planets and how they move along, and where they stand in the map, I got very excited. When she explained each aspect of the planet and what they represent, I started resonating with a lot of things in my life and how it does express my personality, who I am, what kind of qualities I possess, etc. I was very stunned to see how much astrology and the planets are closely related to our life and what we are as a human being. Swati has a deep understanding on what astrology is and she explains it in a beautiful way and also touches on a lot of points with her personal experience. She also records and give us notes of sessions so it’s convenient to read any time. I was shocked that she was able to tell many things most accurately on what is happening in my life. I highly recommend everyone to take a session with her and learn about astrology. Thank you, Swati.

Austin, TX USA
― Santhosh, Austin, TX, USA