Power of Balance Coaching Program

Swati is an absolute delight to work with. She deeply cares for you and your well being. Provides tools to not just survive but thrive. Swati has an amazing capability to listen and is extremely non judgmental with a pulse for your frame of mind which is hard to beat. Even a person like me who is guarded could easily open up to Swati. Swati’s desire is to see others empowered and lead better lives so arms you with tools and techniques to beat any stress or difficult times in your life.Swati has been a constant revelation and thanks to her I have been able to discover myself in many ways and my shadow traits. She has these wonderful rituals and meditation techniques which should be part of everyone’s lives. Her calming voice takes the meditation exercises to the next level. I am extremely grateful for my time with her and will continue to work with her and highly recommend her sessions!