Dec 17th 2018:


  • Moon square Pluto
  • Moon trine Sun
  • Mars sextile Pluto
  • What is the energy like:

What is the energy like: With moon squaring Pluto, what gives us emotional security, is in stress/tension aspect with what needs to change. We may want to move ahead on our own and trailblaze a path towards what feels nurturing and safe, but before we do that, we need to see what structures need to change, what needs to die before bringing forth something new.

Mars sextile Pluto is actually allowing for empowered change to be made, but because Mars is in Pisces, this will be likely linked to what we intuitively feel, going with the flow, rather than forcing change.

Later that day, moon will trine the sun, allowing for the energy to finally move with optimism (Sag) and enthusiasm (Aries).

What to watch out for: Moon square Pluto can create a conflict within, not feeling empowered to make the change. Watch out for emotional reactions dowsing out the drive to make change.

With 5 planets in fire signs, the desire to take action and move is high, but with 4 planets (including Chiron) in water signs, our emotions need to be in the right place for the action to be intuitively guided and effective.

How to navigate this aspect: Realize that with Pluto, its slow and steady. Allow your emotions to reveal what needs to change and your intuition to guide your actions.

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