Dec 18th 2018


  • Sun square Chiron
  • Sun trine (within orb) Uranus
  • Moon in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn, and opposing Venus in Scorpio (Saturn sextile Venus)

What is the energy like: Sun’s aspect with Chiron is shining a light on our wounds or sensitive spots, and showing us how we can heal them. With Uranus trining the Sun, be prepared for unexpected things to happen or just something out of the ordinary. Combining both these aspects, this could be a day where you break through some wound, allowing healing to come at last.

The moon’s aspects with Saturn in Capricorn and Venus in Scorpio, allow us to make some real headway in a project, something that holds dear value to us and allows us to take action steps towards it. After yesterday’s day of initiating action based on our intuition , we are today able to solidly move ahead with something we desire and holds value for us.

Saturn inconjunct Jupiter: watch out for conflict between desire to expand vs  desire to buckle down bring something to form. A conflict between expansive vs restrictive energy.

What to watch out for: Some of our sensitive spots may be triggered but we can work with today’s energy to move past that. The combination of Moon/Saturn in solid Earth signs with Venus in water, gives us a powerful manifesting combination to bring something we value to form.

How to navigate these aspects: Today is a great day to tackle something big from your todo list! Be sure that this is something you really want to do though, otherwise it will just feel like a lot of work.

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