Dec 22nd 2018

Aspects: Full moon in Cancer 0 degrees

What is the energy like: Essence of Cancer archetype is a nurturing, mothering kind of energy. The full moon is shining light on what in our life needs to be nurtured. What needs a safe space to grow? What structures need care to be set up so that we can flourish in our lives?

What to watch out for: Strong feelings can come up with an abundance of energy in water signs, with Moon/South Node in Cancer, Venus in Scorpio and Mars/Neptune/Chiron in Pisces. It’s the kind of day to go with the flow, honor the emotions and take time to really take care of yourself first and then others.

How to navigate these aspects: This is naturally a time to focus on family. With all that water, relationships are coming to the fore front and can support us with having beautiful interactions with others.

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