Jan 1st 2019


  • Sun conjunct Saturn in Capricorn
  • Moon conjunct Venus in Scorpio


What is the energy like: Happy New Year!

Sun conjunct Saturn is shining a light on your existing structures and the discipline needed to build something substantial this year. This is a somber start to the year, even with Mars having just entered Aries pushing you to take action.

The almost new moon meets up with Venus at the 2nd gate of descent in Venus’s Libra synodic cycle. This gate connects us to the 3rd eye chakra, emphasizing the releasing of the blocks that prevent us from having a clear vision for our lives.


What to watch out for: The energy today sets the tone for the theme of 2019 which will have a heavy emphasis on Capricorn: Old structures falling away with Pluto/South Node in Capricorn, and Saturn helping to build something new. This is not necessarily comfortable but don’t be discouraged by the seriousness of the energy.


How to navigate these aspects: Today is a good time to connect in deeply with a vision that speaks to your heart, as opposed to just mindlessly creating a to do list or resolutions that will just fade away as the month goes by.

Having worked with the last 2 Venus synodic cycles has shown me the gifts of working with the natural rhythm of the cosmos. Venus and the moon meet at the 2nd gate and the 3rd eye chakra, which represents our ability to visualize our life even when the physical says otherwise. Everything is created in energy first. Give yourself time today to dream with activities like guided meditations or collage to create a vision for your year ahead, then indulge the Capricorn and make a list of tangible physical action items for achieving that vision!

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