Jan 2nd 2019

Aspects: Mercury in Sagittarius close to the Galactic Center | Sun still in close conjunction to Saturn

What is the energy like: Mercury at 26 degrees Sag is giving us access to the deep wisdom and creation energy represented by the center of the galaxy. Sun is still in close conjunction with Saturn, prompting us to examine the structures in our life. Are they supporting us? Or is it time to let go and build new ones?

What to watch out for: With a  lot of Sag energy inconjunct with Capricorn energy there can be some impatience with a desire to expand (Sag) vs desire to buckle down and contract (Capricorn).

How to navigate these aspects: Still a good day to work on your vision for the year. Mercury is getting to be in trine with Uranus in Aries soon, and can give us really out of the box ideas for building a new 2019.

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