Jan 26th 2019


  • Neptune sextile Saturn
  • Moon square Uranus

What is the energy like: Neptune sextile Saturn softens the Capricorn rigidness and boundaries of Saturn. Moon square Uranus can create a conflict between the wishes of the group vs individual.

What to watch out for: Moon in Libra wants to please everyone, or at least take into account everyone’s preferences. Uranus in Aries wants to go its own unique way. Today may be a day to try and find a compromise between the 2. Neptune sextile Saturn may soften those rigid boundaries and show a way that works well for all.

How to navigate these aspects: Breathe fresh air into any conflict by working with the element of Air. Libra an Air sign can show you how to resolve any conflict in a peaceful way.

I will share some teachings of the Air element in the upcoming forecasts, starting today. Air signs represent the mental realm. Since Mercury which represents our mindset, how we perceive things and how we communicate, is in Aquarius for the next several weeks, it’s a good time to learn more about what the element of Air teaches us, starting with our vibration. Air shows us how to hold a high vibration. For the next several days, observe what your thoughts are telling you about the vibration you are holding about life in general. Thoughts feed our feelings and that forms our vibration, so it’s important to be aware of our thought process.

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