Jan 28th 2019


  • Moon in Scorpio square Sun in Aquarius (contd from yesterday)
  • Mercury conjunct Sun
  • Chiron entered last degree of Zodiac

What is the energy like: Moon in Scorpio can dig up all sorts of feelings buried deep. The square to the Sun can bring up a conflict between desire to be free and independent, and the feelings and emotions buried deep that prevent us from doing so. Along with Chiron at the 29th degree of Pisces, last degree of the Zodiac, this can be a very sensitive couple of days.

What to watch out for: Mercury/Sun in Aquarius can bring about some detachment from the heavy emotional energy and allow for some of the feelings to be communicated in a way that is kind and compassionate.

How to navigate these aspects: Squares force us to take action. Honestly examine the feelings coming up, allow yourself to feel them and lead you to the source of discontent. Mercury/Sun can help us see the big picture with detachment. Only by facing this situation honestly, can you truly be free.

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