Mar 7th 2019

Aspects: Moon conjunct Chiron, Uranus in Taurus

What is the energy like today: Moon conjuncts Chiron today making this an emotional day of confronting our wounds. Are we ready to step into our power, asks Chiron in Aries? Are we ready to nurture ourselves as we reclaim our power?

Uranus is Taurus can give us a big push to awaken that part of ourselves that wants to live in alignment with our true values. It can give us a boost of self-esteem to break out of the mold.

What to watch out for: Venus in Aquarius is allowing us to see the big picture and approach things in an objective way. Which will allow us to take a strong action step towards claiming our uniqueness.

How to navigate this energy: Nurture yourself to take the next step on your journey.

Personal Note: I finally took the next big step on my own journey by making this blog public, as Venus went over my Aquarius Ascendant today!

2 thoughts on “Mar 7th 2019

  1. Your insights and understanding of astrology is amazing! I continue to rewatch my session with you and I am blown away with the depth and accuracy. It allows me to join the dots and feel clear and empowered 💖. I highly recommend your work. I am intrigued and keen to learn more so very happy you have created this blog. Thanks Swati.
    Much love Kym Tankey

    1. Kym, Thank You for your kind words! I’m glad you are getting so much out of the session.There is much value in revisiting the recording as insights percolate through each time you listen. Swati

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