Mar 8th 2019

Aspects: Sun sextile Saturn, moon sextile Venus

What is the energy like: The energy is gentle today, positive and optimistic and forward moving.

What to watch out for: Sun sextile Saturn gives us fuel to take disciplined steps to building a new structure for our desires. The sextile indicates that taking these steps won’t be hard, it will come naturally. Moon sextile Venus also implies that are emotions are in the right place where our desires our concerned.

How to navigate these aspects: It’s a good day to do the work. With these 2 aspects, there is a balance of all the 4 elements (Sun in Pisces is Water, Saturn in Capricorn is Earth, Moon in Aries is Fire, Venus in Aquarius is Air). So you can create something beautiful and with Mars in Taurus helping us to take slow determined steps, move ourselves closer to our goal.

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