Mar 9th 2019

Aspects: Moon in Aries, square the nodes, then later conjunct Uranus

What is the energy like: Moon in fiery Aries is an outgoing, enthusiastic energy that gives us the courage to initiate something new in our life. The moon will square the nodes later in the day implying that this new thing is very much wanting to be in our life, and we are being asked to nurture it, and let go of old feelings of restrictions around having it. We may reach a point where we need to take a bold action towards this goal, with Moon conjunct Uranus later in the day.

What to watch out for: There could be some tension in the air. Aries has a tendency to see things in black and white and wants it now. Whereas the North Node in Cancer is asking us to hold safe emotional space for the very thing we want.

How to navigate these aspects: Moon in Aries wants some movement. If possible, indulge in physical activities to move the energy rising up as a result of the fiery moon.

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