Mercury Direct

Mercury went direct on Mar 28th. Now that it’s direct, it’s going over this area of Pisces for the 3rd and final time.

We may have a very different perceptive on things that were stirred up when it went over them the 1st 2 times.

What did you review in your life? Did any past situations, or people crop up suddenly?

Did you complete any lingering projects?

How was communication with other people in your life?

Were you more connected to your intuition?

It is still not out of shadow zone, so we are still integrating the lessons of the past few weeks. Mercury is also conjunct Neptune, so we may not have full clarity yet. If the Aries Sun is wanting you to get a move on your goals, you may need to have a bit more patience as things settle down.

Watch for how things are showing up in your life in the next few weeks. You may have uncovered some new insights that will allow you to make forward progress on your goals.

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