Understanding yourself better through astrology

A lot of people look to astrology for predictions but I’ve found it to be a phenomenal personal developmental tool. My own introduction to astrology started when I studied my own natal chart, as a way of understanding what clues my soul had provided for me, to navigate this life on earth as smoothly as possible.

Some of these areas below can give you clues to why you may be in a certain situations.

Going through a tough time right now? Understanding what transits you are going through that are being activated in your chart can give you information on the transit and a bigger perspective on your situation.  You can then understand the intent of what is happening and what you are meant to learn for this situation. Then you can actually do something about it in a positive way to get the best possible outcome.

Having trouble communicating with others? Understand how your Mercury shows up in your chart. What is your style of communication  and figure out if you are communicating in a way that is not natural to you.

Not able to take action towards what you want?  Look to your Venus and Mars to figure out what your inherent values are and see if you are doing things not aligned with your values.

Stuck in Procrastination? Look into your Mars and see how your drive is affecting your ability to get things done.

Unexplained grief or fear? Past life patterns with Pluto and Chiron can be what results in unresolved grief or fear coming up.

Extreme sensitivity to certain situations? Chiron and Pluto can give you clues to what’s triggering you.

Can’t stand up for yourself or having conflict with authority? Look at Saturn and Pluto to see how you deal with authority and power.

Resisting taking responsibility in certain areas? Look at Saturn to figure out if there are past life situations where we need to pick up the slack and take responsibility.

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