Aries New Moon – How well do you know yourself?

The Aries Moon met up with the Sun early yesterday morning, but we will feel the energy of the new moon all day today as well.

Aries is all about courage to pioneer something new in your life. Full of passion and certain of its identity, it goes boldly forward where no one has. What is being initiated in your life right now?

Saturn is squaring this new moon so what you start may proceed very slowly but surely. Saturn will insist that you take responsibility for what you are initiating and do it well.

Aries is also very sure of its identity and knows itself well. Use this time to make a commitment to find out more about your own self. How well do we really know our own selves?

We have a lot of creative Pisces water energy being activated as well, with Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Pisces. The Water and Fire combination can be deliciously nurturing, or water could put out the fire with strong emotions. Watch out for that, as the moon also went over Chiron, stirring up sensitive triggers.

I felt very upbeat yesterday and tapped into the Aries energy to do a beautiful ritual with intuitive painting. Mercury retrograde into Pisces made me realize that allowing my inner child to come out and play with paints was absolutely essential for me to bring structured ideas into form in other parts of my life! So, I am listening to my intuition, and had a lovely time painting this.

Try out this ritual during the new moon window:

– Light a candle (invoking the presence of Aries, fire element)

– Bless the water you are going to paint with (invoking the water element)

– Take a few deep breaths, and ask yourself, ‘What is my identity? What am I becoming or wanting to become? What am I initiating in my life?’.

– Then paint intuitively, choosing the colors that feel good to you.

– Journal on the questions above, seeing what insights come to you through this process.

– Ground.

I often do this with just my fingers. There’s something very satisfying about getting absorbed in playing with colors just like a child. With the intuitive painting process, its all about the process than the end product.

May this New Moon bring child-like joy into your life!

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