The week ahead

This is a huge week in terms of multiple powerful astrological transits.

The Sun in Aries is helping us to discover our identity, initiate new paths and enthusiastically go ahead. A part of us just wants to take action NOW.

But the Sun also squares Saturn on the 10th which slows down the Sun in Aries charging full speed ahead, asking–are you really sure you want to do this? Are you ready to commit to this new identity? Do you know exactly what you need to do to commit to it a 100%? Is there something you still need to learn about this?

On the same day, Jupiter stations retrograde, putting a slowdown on the growth and expansion happening for the past few months. When it turns retrograde, the expansion is turned inwards.

What parts of your life need a closer look? It will travel all the way to 14 degrees 30 min of Sagittarius, so look at those areas of your chart that will be reviewed. Working with this transit consciously could activate your gifts, and for that you need to go within and ask yourself, what is the path that will help your soul evolve the fastest?

Then on the 12th, Sun squares  the nodes at 22 degrees Capricorn, around the same degree at next year’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction in 2020. This is a significant point. And again its asks, what needs to be nurtured in your life to step onto this new path? Are you ready to drop the old patterns preventing you from doing that?

On the 13th, the Sun will square Pluto, really unleashing a source of power within you that can help truly transform your life. This can be very intense energy. The purpose of it is to shine a light on who you are truly meant to be, so anything in the way of that will have to die, be transformed. This can be a painful process. It can translate to a lot of deep old feelings being dug up, brought to the surface of your awareness, so you can feel it and move through it. Remember to do this with compassion and kindness to yourself.

Luckily we have Venus meeting up with Neptune. She says, be kind to yourself, and support yourself with deep compassion through this foggy time. With Mercury in Pisces, the way out cannot be found through thinking it. We have to feel it, and allow our intuition to guide us to what our next step is, what our identity is.

And Saturn in Capricorn reiterates, slow down. To be in integrity with your true soul self, you need to go on a quest within to unlock your gifts. And release anything that prevents it from shining. Transformation does not happen instantly, It requires courage and patience and nurture and support.

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