Shadow Capricorn

With all the activity happening at around 22 degrees Capricorn this week (see this post and this post), you may have felt a lot coming up in your life.

Today, the Sun squares Pluto, and that is yet more big energy. Questions about our sense of power, control in our life, change and transformation will be triggered. There is a major restructuring happening and the energy we felt this week will be revisited several times this year to prepare for building the new when Saturn and Pluto meet up next year.

If you have any planets in Capricorn that are bring transited by Pluto or Saturn, these are probably the shadow aspects of Capricorn that are being brought up to be transformed:

– Rigidity

– Stuck in old and outdated ways of doing things, not willing to move ahead or change with the times

– Thinking that your way is the only way

– Old structures in your life breaking apart (could be physical, emotional stuff coming up to be released, old mental thoughts and beliefs), maybe job or home being changed

– Wanting to focus on the goal at the cost of everything else

– Excessive focus on crossing things off a to-do list instead of following what energizes you

– Disconnected from modern reality

– Not emotionally connected to things

– Feel like you need to hold it together so unable to feel the emotions

– False pride, unnecessary humility

– Not able to receive the good, holding yourself to very high standards

– Unable to enjoy life even when goal is accomplished, unable to take that in

-Judgement, of self, of others, especially when they don’t live up to the high standards

– Not using energy efficiently, inefficient use of resources (physical, time, energy)

– Fear of authority

– Not taking responsibility for things in life

If any of these sound familiar, have deep compassion for yourself. Pluto was at this point 248 years ago (that’s how long it takes to revolve around the sun). That means that these are some really ancient patterns coming up, deeply entrenched within us and will take patience to shift.

Awareness definitely helps, but you want to be able to work with these carefully.

Allow the feelings to come up and learn ways to express them safely and responsibly.

Then ask yourself, where are you feeling powerless in your life? What needs to transform to allow yourself to feel in control? Often, first we need to surrender to what is happening, to allow trust in the process of change, and then take slow steady steps towards the change.

Grab this handy document to find out more about what a Pluto and Saturn transit looks like. It’s important to understand this to really get what the Saturn Pluto conjunction in 2020 will mean for you.

Stay tuned for a deeper class I will be holding to go more into the meaning of the Saturn Pluto conjunction and how to take some real action steps to work with it effectively.

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