The week ahead – Apr 14th – 21st

The intensity of last week eases a bit with the week starting off with a lovely grand trine, but ramps up towards the mid-week and after due to the full moon.

14th: A grand trine between the Sun in Aries, Moon in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius. This is a very benevolent energy that can inspire you to take steady action towards your goal. Spend the time outdoors if you can, soaking up this fiery energy and allow it to illuminate your next step and lift you towards your goal with the help of Mars in Gemini.

15th: Moon in Virgo squares Mars in Gemini. The fast pace of action desired by Gemini which can get bored easily, is in a tension aspect with the Moon in Virgo that wants to implement ever detail to perfection. Work with this energy to first get inspired by Gemini’s varying points of view to see which is best. Then implement that with a detailed plan of action.

16th: Mercury coming out of shadow period, the area of Pisces it went through during its retrograde. Things should be a lot clearer now. Moon in Virgo inconjucnt Sun in Aries implies that stepping forward may need to go slowly because there are details to take care of.

17th: Mercury enters Aries. After spending many weeks in gentle Pisces, communication will become fast paced and to the point. Aries has little patience for being slow. Aries helps to spark communication about new projects but it being conjunct to Chiron means that there will be some work to do to be able express yourself despite the sensitivity you feel.

18th: We are entering the full moon window. South node in Capricorn gets within a degree conjunct with Saturn, implying old authority figures and structures are falling away. This can be an intense full moon making aspects to Saturn/Pluto, Chiron and Uranus. The universe is giving us a big push to release all the stuff that gets in the way of us embracing our inner authority and living authentically true to ourselves.

19th: Libra full moon. Also have Venus at the 29th degree of Pisces, and can bring up deep sorrow, martyr type feelings and disillusionment. Or it can connect you to a deeply divine part of yourself. Moon will enter Scorpio within a couple of hours after it peaks, so it can be a very intense and emotional day. Travel with care and intention.

20th: Still in full moon window with moon in Scorpio trine Neptune. It becomes easier to feel our emotions. Watch out for the emotional  intensity ramping up though and support yourself to feel your feelings in a healthy way. Venus and Sun at 0 degrees of their signs can inspire new beginnings that are a result of taking action on what has been released, moving courageously towards what we really value.

21st: South node conjunct Saturn. A big energy day. What is your relationship to your own inner authority? Do external authority figures bring up fear in you? This is a chance to ditch that pattern for good.

3 thoughts on “The week ahead – Apr 14th – 21st

  1. The energy you share with us feels very nurturing. The content you share confirms my intuition. Thank you for your service to mankind.

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