Libra Full Moon

We have a 2nd full moon in Libra today. The 1st was on the 20th of March along with the Equinox at 0 degrees Libra and was conjunct Chiron in Aries.

This one is at 29 degrees of Libra, the last degree, considered the critical degree because there is an urgency to complete the lesson of that sign.

This full moon also has Mercury conjunct Chiron in Aries, bringing up wounds around expressing our identity or speaking what we truly want to say. It also has Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus, which can bring about dramatic situations, helping us to break away from old patterns that prevent us from expressing our true self.

This full moon has moon in Libra opposite sun in Aries, just before it moves into Taurus.

The 2 full moons have book ended the essence of Libra, which is honoring relationship and all points of view.

The essence of Libra is relationships, relationship to ourselves and relationship to others and the balance between those. But balanced relationships with others can’t be had if we don’t have a balanced relationship with ourselves first.

Since there is Chiron in Aries activated, ask yourself, what is your relationship to yourself?

Are you honoring all parts of yourself? We are not all our sun sign or even moon sign, but a blend of all the different archetypes in our chart. Ask Libra to help you harmonize the relationship between all parts of you.

Eg I have my Venus in Pisces and Mars in Capricorn. Once I learned about my natal chart, I understood why I would prioritize accomplishing goals and doing, over wanting to just go with the flow and paint! My Venus felt very neglected and then it took some practice to allow both of them to work together in a harmonious way!

So often, we can have parts of ourselves conflict with each other. Someone with a  Leo sun and Scorpio moon might feel that conflict between being both an extrovert and introvert. Astrology offers us a super easy way to get to know our own self and allow our relationship with ourselves to deepen.

So this full moon, make a commitment (Saturn in Capricorn) to know thyself and bring harmony to all parts of you (Libra moon), so you can express (Mercury) your Unique self (Uranus) and gifts with courage (Chiron & Sun in Aries) and joy!

2 thoughts on “Libra Full Moon

  1. I had a flash of insight as I was reading this – you know one of those moments where the pieces are falling into place. Strong emotions surfaced for me in recent weeks alongside the feeling of struggle. Seeing that Chiron is in Aries explains it! In my natal chart that’s where you’ll find Chiron. I could feel the shift in my energy before learning that we are in Taurus. Two days ago it was like a light switch flipped and I feel incredibly grounded, secure, and happy. I’ve learned a lot in this Libra full moon about new and existing relationships. While truth telling isn’t always easy or comfortable, in the end it does feel great to know “what the what” is. Thank you for these insights and reflections. I find them most helpful.

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