The Week Ahead – Apr 29th to May 5th

Apr 29th: Saturn stations retrograde. We will either feel a decrease in the pressure to accomplish things or revisit a topic around responsibility and take it deeper as Pluto is also retrograde. Saturn will revisit the karmic zone of  20 to 13 degrees of Capricorn. Both  these planets are really cleaning up the path to their conjunction next year. The next few months are a good time to take stock of our lives and remove the things that get in our way of living in integrity with our soul. Ask yourself, Am I doing what I was born to do?

Apr 30th: Moon in Pisces square Mars in Gemini, Moon sextiles Saturn/Pluto. Moon square Jupiter in Sag. Our emotions can be all over the place with the moon in a water sign squaring Mars in Gemini an Air sign, our desire to take action and Jupiter our desire to expand. Although since Jupiter is retrograde, the expansion is inwards. The sextiles to Saturn/Pluto can help gently bring our emotions to the surface and allow them to flow.

May 1st: Saturn conjunct the South Node is a big aspect that is helping to bring an end to a lot of karmic patterns that pertain to how we take responsibility for our lives, the discipline and integrity with which we show up in our life. Moon conjunct Chiron can amplify the wounds and feelings of isolation. Recognize that these are karmic patterns coming up to be released. Try to not identify with them, but find healthy ways to release any emotions surfacing.

May 2nd: Moon conjunct Venus in Aries and Mercury in Aries. Today Venus and the Moon meet up at the 6th Gate signifying a release of all the ways that our sacral chakra is blocked. This can fire up our desire to make difference in the world and help you initiate action and communicate about your desires courageously and confidently. Yesterday the Moon met with Chiron to release the wound around owning our power and identity. Today the Moon meets with Venus to acknowledge our desires and Mercury to help communicate it.

May 3rd: Moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus. The Moon is meeting with allies each day and today she meets with Uranus to get out of the world ideas to radically change our experience on Earth, so it is more fulfilling and filled with beauty and grace.  This is preparing us to seed new intentions during the new moon in Taurus tomorrow. You might be getting a lot of clarity on your true heart’s desires coming up this week. Pay attention to how you can change up your life to truly reflect your individual values.

May 4th: New Moon in Taurus

May 5th: Mars opposite Jupiter retrograde. We may feel pulled in different directions today as Mars in Gemini is focused on outward stimulation and Jupiter Retrograde wants to explore the inner world of spirituality. Make your anchor the values and intentions you sowed yesterday during the new moon to help you stay grounded.

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