Alive in the dark

The other night I slept a little late but before going to bed decided to get some fresh air out on my back deck.

I’m very fortunate to live surrounded by trees even in a growing city. I expected it to be quiet and was looking forward to relishing the silence. But was surprised to hear a lot of activity going on even in the dark.

The sky was pitch black as we are nearing the new moon. The sounds I heard were of coyotes howling, bark of a deer, the hoot of an owl and endless chirping of birds and crickets! Apart from feeling the soft breeze, I caught a whiff of a rose.

It reminded me that even though I can’t see all this activity happening, things are still alive and moving in the dark.

A good reminder when we are going through periods of change and transition and can’t see our vision in full form yet. We just have to rely on our other senses to help us make sense of what is going on. And trust that a lot is still alive and well in the dark!

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