Taurus New Moon – Self-Sufficiency

Later today is the new moon in Taurus.  The moon met up with Uranus yesterday, inspiring us to find new ways to enjoy our life on Earth.

This is the 1st Taurus new moon with Uranus in Taurus, and is really underlying the need to awaken to the pleasure of our earthly life and value ourselves enough to enjoy it. Slow down enough to really take it all in.

Taurus is an earth sign, concerned with all things physical. An essence of Taurus is gratitude and regard for our experience on earth. A big part of that is having a strong sense of self-worth, self-esteem and a sense of self-sufficiency and actually open to receiving the good in life.

Self-sufficiency means to have enough faith in yourself for being able to be resourceful enough to handle any situation. Faith in our own abilities to make it is rooted in a strong sense of self-worth.

Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are all 3 retrograde and allowing us to get to the root of the matter, which is more often than not, a lack of self-worth and a feeling of not deserving, at a very deep level.

Allow Jupiter to highlight this deep seated belief you may be carrying, Pluto to purge this false belief and Saturn to help you make a commitment to honor your own integrity, so that you can be inspired (Uranus) and awaken (Uranus) to your innate ability to create a life of beauty and abundance (Taurus).

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