The Week ahead: May 13th-19th

May 13th: A LOT of earth energy available to us this week. Today the Moon is in Virgo, Sun in Taurus, Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn. This says, purge and do the work. Sun in Taurus trines Pluto giving us gentle opportunities to let go of old stories in our lives that have held us back. Mercury and Uranus in Taurus help us to get very clear on our values, self-worth and priorities, and come up with a plan to buckle down and do the work. To summarize: Release old ways of being and bring in the discipline needed to create a new structure in your life that is aligned with your deepest values. There is no escaping hard work today, but only if its aligned with our true self will it feel rewarding.

May 14th: Moon in Virgo square Mars in Gemini can bring up conflicting emotions around freedom and staying on the surface of things and having fun, vs, the discipline required to look into details and doing the daily mundane work. Mars sextile Venus lightens it a bit. This Air-Fire combo is dynamic, allowing for movement to occur. It’s easier to take action on our desires, especially if you’ve done the work yesterday.

May 15th: Venus enters Taurus today, where she is most comfortable and this starts a period of few weeks, where our desires for beauty, harmony and enjoying life will become more obvious. With 4 bodies in Taurus, the energy encourages us to go slow,  and relish every step of the journey, enjoying the process rather than rushing in to reach the goal. The Moon in Libra looks for balance and relating to others harmoniously.

May 16th: Mars enters Cancer. Our main motivation for action is driven by a need to protect, keep safe and provide a nurturing space for ourselves and those around us and our projects. All that earth energy in Taurus is telling us to go slow and helping you to tap into this slower moving energy. Take advantage of it by paying attention to what needs nurturing within you, and  then provide the same to others from that space of a full cup. After the intense energy of this year, this week’s slowdown is a welcome change, before we go into full moon period this weekend.

May 17th: The Moon enters Scorpio. We are in the full moon window. Mars in Cancer trine Moon in Scorpio, Moon opposing Venus can bring to the forefront sensitive emotions. Nurture our passion and deepest heart’s desire, is what this energy is saying.

May 18th: Full moon in Scorpio, along with Venus conjunct Uranus. Be prepared for a breakthrough from old emotional baggage that is preventing you from feeling deeply what you are passionate about. Mercury trine Pluto. Full moon is wanting us to really feel the passion in our lives and be in tune with our deepest desires. With Scorpio, no frivolous enjoyment will do. It has to be real and deep and authentic and true to ourselves. Everything else that is false and will fall away. Uranus conjunct Venus will not tolerate anything less shiny than our true essence. This is a lot of energy today. Handle with care. A wonderful time to tap into your deepest wisdom with creative activities. Uranus can provide a breakthrough into the window of your soul and your heart’s desires. Scorpio full moon helps you feel the a passion of  those desires.

May 19th: We are still in the full moon window. Moon in Sagittarius trines Chiron giving us opportunities to expand our belief system to heal our sensitive spots. Maybe you now have a completely different perspective on your uniqueness and the charge behind the wound just fades away.

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