The Week Ahead – May 20th-26th – A breath of fresh Air!

May 20th: The Moon squares Neptune then conjuncts Jupiter. The week starts off on an optimistic note but watch out for exaggerated optimism and unrealistic day dreaming.

May 21st: The Sun enters Gemini and conjuncts Mercury. With Gemini bringing a breath of fresh air to our month ahead, Mercury at home in Gemini may spark new ideas, inspiration and ways of communication. Write these ideas down as they will be prolific during this time. It may be hard to pin down this energy, constantly moving, as Gemini loves to sample a little of this and that. Watch out for  being too mentally active, to the point of distraction and loss of focus. Work with the energy to make any headway on writing/speaking projects and creative endeavors.

May 22nd: Moon conjunct South Node, then Saturn and Pluto. An emotionally heavy day. Let go and let grace is the mantra whenever the moon makes aspects to these 3. This is helping us to release any old emotions blocking us from moving ahead, owning our authority, and any karmic trauma around power issues. Mars in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus can help us to gently break free from old emotional drama. Mercury and Sun in Gemini helps to communicate our inner self with ease and lightness.

May 23rd: Moon enters Aquarius, lightening the energy. With Sun and Moon both in Air signs, along with Mercury in Gemini, this is an uplifting day. A good time to work with words, writing, communication. Gemini likes to have creative fun and Aquarius really loves to look to do things in a unique way. Utilize this energy by working on out of the box creative activities.

May 24th: Moon in Aquarius and Sun in Gemini with Mercury in Gemini. The uplifted energy from yesterday continues. This window is lovely for connecting to the element of Air and working with your vibration–examine your thoughts, words and beliefs. Are they serving you? Just like taking a breath of fresh air can make you feel better, changing your perspective via different thoughts and beliefs, changing your point of view, can change you reality. Work with Air if the heaviness of Mars in Cancer square Chiron in Aries brings up sensitivity in your day. Moon squares Venus today and that means our unique values could be challenged. Do we value ourselves enough to own our uniqueness? Mercury in Gemini can help us to communicate our desires more easily than before.

May 25th: For the 3rd day in a row, we have Moon in Aquarius, with Sun/Mercury in Gemini. Inspiration continues to flow in and our intuitive knowing is strengthened when the moon moves into Pisces.

May 26th: Moon trine Mars in cancer. Creative activities gently nurture us as the Sun in Gemini now sextiles Chiron in Aries, helping us to work with our sensitive wounds in a gentle way. This brings forth gentle healing. It becomes easier to speak up about our new emerging identity.

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