Dismantling the doing addiction

Mars joined the Capricorn party a few days back. I have to laugh—Capricorn and party don’t go together in the same sentence 😊

Anyway, this intensifies the massive amount of energy that has already built up in the sign of Capricorn. There are 2 sides to this as with anything.

Mars in Capricorn is a very focused energy, excellent for helping you take sustained consistent action in the physical realm. For bringing things into reality. Very determined, and very good at getting..things…done. Ask me how I know (hint: I have Mars in Capricorn in my natal chart).

The shadow side of this, is that Capricorn sometimes doesn’t know how to rest. How to take a pause and really enjoy the fruits of its hard work.
How to let go and just go with the flow.How to honor the need for rest and not judge itself for being ‘useless’.

As Mars will soon touch the South Node, and then Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, it will activate much of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction again.

Pay attention to what’s not working in your life.
If you are exhausted by the addiction to doing doing doing.
So that you can change this pattern.

And this is where Mercury Rx in Pisces comes into the picture.
It is telling us, stop doing so much and learn how to be. Learn to listen to inner wisdom and take action from that wise place.

Do you need to listen to your inner guidance?

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